Karen Widas – Credit Card and Payment Processing Specialist

Karen Widas is a credit card and payment processing specialist with CoCard.

She works one-on-one with her clients to understand their business and their customers to provide tailored payment processing solutions. She starts by analyzing your credit card processing statements and identifying where you may be paying too much in fees and where you can save money. From there, she will discuss your wants and needs, and if it’s a good fit, she’ll set up your business with the right processing solution.

Karen is available to her clients for on-the-spot, real-time solutions and troubleshooting. When you have questions or issues, contact her directly instead of an 800 number where the individual on the other end of the line isn’t familiar with you and your business and is likely reading from a script. If you have an issue, Karen works to get resolved as quickly as possible while you go back to running your business.

Karen (#notakaren) enjoys reading (historical fiction is a fav ❤️), playing blackjack (so fun 🃏), watching hockey 🏒, going warm places 🌴 and spending time with her husband and her four kids.

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I can conduct an analysis of your credit card processing statements to identify where, if at all, you may be overpaying in processing fees.

No strings attached, completely free of charge, and of no risk to you.

All information is kept strictly confidential.

You can upload statements here: https://www.karenwidas.com/statementupload

Or if you’d rather chat, then let’s do that! Feel free to pick a time on my calendar that’s convenient for you. https://calendly.com/karenwidas

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