How Passion For Your Work Can Increase Your Sales

Let me ask you: Are you passionate about your work? About what you have to sell? I’m sure you are knowledgeable! But are you also passionate about it?

I find that most of the time, entrepreneurs start with tons of passion for their business! But as time goes on, they get distracted by the details involved in running that business. Their passion for their work and their sales gets moved to the back burner, and their focus shifts to less important things.

And, as you can imagine, that never ends well!

On my latest podcast, I interviewed the incredible Pamela Egan, who spoke so eloquently about the role that passion played in her success. Pamela is a floral designer with a genuine passion and talent for her work.

In our podcast, she shares her story of how she got started in business, the limiting beliefs that she overcame, and the passion that spurred her on and ultimately increased her sales! You don’t want to miss her show!

Pamela mentions in our interview that, when she was first getting started in her business, people would hear the passion in her voice – over the phone. That alone would lead to an authentic sales conversation, a closed sale, and a relationship with a client!

Passion sells!

Some business owners will make the mistake of trying to reign in their passion! The reason? They are afraid of sounding like a fanatic. This is truly a limiting belief! Your passion for your product or service is infectious – it makes you stand out and it makes your prospect want to share the same passion you have!

So try this. Check in with yourself from time to time: Are you still passionate about what you’re doing? Why or why not? The answers to both of those questions can provide a lot of much needed clarity!

Now, keep in mind that over time in your business and your sales, your passion for what you are doing can evolve, and that’s okay! Follow it. See where it takes you, because wherever your passions lie is where you’re supposed to be.

So I want to ask you: Do you have a true passion for what you are selling? Does it give you energy and get you out of bed every day? Are you excited to share it with others? If the answer is yes, GREAT! You’ve done more than half of the work you need to in order to successfully sell!

If it’s not, determine why not – and pivot your perspective until you can get the passion for your sales back.

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