How Masterminding Can Help You Double Your Sales THIS YEAR

According to the Law of Attraction, you are a lot like your five closest friends.

Think about it. Examine the five closest relationships in your life. I’m willing to bet you all enjoy the same things, make about the same amount of money, and live in similar homes. Interesting, huh?  

Why is that important?

Well, we learn a lot about ourselves just by examining the company we keep! When we want to make some changes in our life or business, change can feel difficult – simply because those around us can’t help us become anything other than what they are!

Now hear me: there is nothing wrong with your five closest friends, and I’m certainly not suggesting you ditch them! Simply consider that they can’t teach you what they don’t know!

And if you want to double your sales, triple your sales, make more money, and have more time, you need to learn how from people who have done it!

So what do you do if you want to do more, live differently, and expand various areas of your life?

In short, you need to change your association! Sounds simple enough, but where does one go about finding these people?

There are many ways that someone can change their association. They can can join networking groups with people in their industry. They can attend conferences within their industry and meet leaders within it.

But one of the best ways to significantly impact your association is through a mastermind group.

On my last podcast, I spoke with Torey Ivanic, a powerhouse of a professional, with career experience as a physician, homeopathic healer, and mastermind enthusiast. She has many years of successful business experience behind her in both private practice and in sales! She had this to say about mastermind groups: “If it takes you 10 years to learn what you could in 6 months, why wouldn’t you do a mastermind?”

Why indeed?

So where are you at? Are you wanting to expand your sales but don’t quite know how? Do you feel compelled to associate with people who can pull up to the next level? Examine the 5 people closest to you. And see if you can find 5 more with whom you can mastermind – and grow.

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