How Does Your Mindset Affect Your Business Results

Have you ever heard the saying, “Whatever you believe, you’re right”? It was coined by success coach and author T Harv Eker, and it is a powerful reminder that our beliefs shape your reality. When it comes to business success, having the right mindset is essential to achieving your goals

Mindset & Business Success

Everyone has limiting beliefs that prevent them from realizing their dreams whether they realize it or not. The power of your belief system is undeniable when it comes to reaching success in life and especially in business. Limiting beliefs are those thoughts that prevent us from reaching your goals because they tell us we cannot achieve them or we don’t deserve them. These thoughts and feelings come from various places, such as family upbringing, school, work experience, or societal messages. It can be difficult to identify these beliefs as they are often subconscious but recognizing them and questioning them helps replace them with new achieving beliefs that will help propel us towards success.

The Fastest Way to Discover Your Limiting Beliefs

The fastest way to discover your limiting beliefs is to set a stretch goal for yourself (maybe a revenue goal) and then ask yourself what your story is about and why you haven’t achieved that goal yet. When you do that, you might be shocked to see how quickly you can uncover your limiting beliefs. We have our clients do that exercise at our 2X Intensive course and they are always surprised to see what they’ve been saying to themselves regarding why they cannot achieve a goal they’ve been dreaming about.

A Billion Dollar Success Story

Oprah Winfrey is an excellent example of how mindset shifts can lead to incredible success. Oprah has shared on her shows and podcasts that before she became one of the world’s most famous celebrities, she grew up in poverty and experienced many struggles throughout her life. One thing that she demonstrated so beautifully is that income ceilings and origin stories can be broken when you are  willing to do the work and confront what’s not true about your limiting beliefs. She worked hard to recognize her own income ceiling and break through it so she could achieve bigger goals. This type of mindset shift is essential for anyone striving for success.

Sales & Mindset Shifts

Research shows that your mindset plays a significant role in determining success in business, especially in the area of sales. When it comes to sales, having a positive mindset is vital if you want to grow your business. If you have negative feelings toward salespeople or believe they are pushy, greedy or too aggressive, this will keep you from doing the work to grow as a salesperson

It is clear that having the right mindset is essential for achieving business success—whether it’s breaking through income ceilings, overcoming limiting beliefs, or changing attitudes toward the sales process. All of these require a shift in mindset. No matter where you are on your journey, remember T Harv Eker’s words “Whatever you believe, you’re right” – because believing anything else will only hold you back from realizing your true potential!

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