Finish 2019 Strong By Changing These Top 3 Limiting Beliefs

Do you know that you can change the way you think? And by doing so, do you know that you can change the course and direction of everything in your life? 

Changing your thoughts and thought patterns sounds like a difficult undertaking. It’s not something that we are really taught how to do, because most people are usually not thoroughly educated in the psychology of thought. As a result, most people feel stuck in their thoughts and the results of them. 

But in reality, changing your thoughts is shockingly simple. It is just replacing non-productive, limiting beliefs with constructive new ones. It just means being a little bit intentional about your thoughts and what you choose to believe.

The key here is intention. Whether or not we realize it, we are already doing things with intention. They just may not be the things that are producing the results that we want out of our life or business. 

So, we intentionally choose something else.

A business owner can have any number of limiting beliefs. Most limiting beliefs can be summed up into a handful of common themes, and these are some of the most common:

  1. “I am not enough” or “I do not have enough experience.”

    This one is called imposter syndrome, and it’s nonsense! I’m always amazed at how many of my clients believe that they are not qualified to sell what they do!

    The most amazing thing about this particular belief is that it exists in all skill levels. I’ve seen executives with decades of experience struggle with this!

    Here is the key to changing this belief: If you are selling something, you are, by default, an expert in that area!

    In short, you need to stop overthinking your qualifications and underestimating their value and benefits – especially to your target clients!

    Even if you have no sales experience whatsoever, you know enough about your product or service to go into business – and that is enough!

    So, replace this limiting belief with:

    “I AM the expert in my industry!”

  2. “I am a pushy salesperson.”

    Let’s face it. Nobody wants to be the pushy salesperson. The image of the used car salesman haunts the minds of many business owners. But in reality, most people are not even close to being the used car salesman, because they wouldn’t last long in sales!

    The key to replacing this limiting belief is in truly realizing the needs that your target clients have, and how you are poised expertly to meet those needs.

    You see, when you are working with your target client, you’re working with exactly the people who are searching for what you have!

    Now, about being “pushy.” 81% of sales are closed after the 5th follow up. Yes – the 5th! That means making 5 follow up calls, or scheduling 5 follow up meetings before closing the sale!

    When prospects get a follow up call from a genuine salesperson are they annoyed? No! Just about every time, they respond with “I’m so glad you called! Thanks for following up.”

    This is a big one! Replace this limiting belief with:

    “I am a professionally persistent problem solver!”

  3. “There isn’t  enough money or clients for all!”

    We tend to grossly over think the concept of money. Money is NOT that complex. It’s simply energy – it’s neither good or bad!

    How can you expect to receive what is coming to you as you double and triple your sales if you believe there isn’t enough to come your way? Money cannot be placed in a closed fist – nor can it come to a closed mind!

    There is ALWAYS enough money to go around! And your business has a target client – you can even work with only your favorite clients!

    So, replace this limiting belief with:

    “Money flows to me easily and effortlessly every day.”

Which one are you struggling with this year? Finish strong in 2019 by replacing these limiting beliefs – and watch what happens to your sales in 2020.

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