Divine Scribe – Catherine O’Connor

Catherine is a Divine Scribe initiated into the Lineage of Thoth. She is the founder of Divine Temple, a Sacred Space enabling you to access your Truth and Divinity in a deeply nourishing, committed, and transformative container.

In her partnership with Thoth, she has developed her Ascended Mastery as a Sacred Architect of Infinite Knowledge and Divine Love Magic.

She is devoted to awakening a new paradigm of Heaven on Earth. and to co-create these keys of unity Consciousness with you. These keys of the God/dess; Love, Harmony, Peace, Flow, Present Moment Living reside within you. She is on a path to Architect with you your Unique God/dess/ness.

Catherine has a Post Graduate Diploma in Child Mental Health, Certification in Quantum Light, Training in Arcturian Healing, Aromatherapy, and Psychodrama. Catherine loves the ocean, mountains, and forests. She has three grown children and continues to enjoy spending time in the presence of youth.

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