Best Ways to Follow Up After a Sales Call

Although making an initial sales call is essential, it is only the first step to closing a sale. Following up afterward is essential to actually close the sale. In fact, you most sales don’t close on the first call (more about that below!).

Knowing that, it is important to take action and use effective follow-up strategies to ensure you serve your prospective clients at the highest level while also being mindful of not coming off as too “salesy” or “pushy.” 

Let’s look at why following up after an initial sales call is so important, how to send follow-ups, the magic number of follow-ups necessary to close a sale, and tips on not being too pushy with follow-up messages. Ultimately, we will gain insight into how investing in effective follow-up strategies can help you successfully increase your closing ratio. 

Set the Next Appointment 

One of the most important things you can do at the end of a sales call, if your prospect did not purchase, is to set the next appointment before you end the meeting.  However, many people worry about that seeming too “salesy” or “pushy”; but it is important not to overthink this aspect as fear can prevent us from serving the client. At the end of the conversation, simply let your prospective client know that since they need time to talk about this with their business partner (for example) the next step is to schedule time on the calendar to speak again.  This one strategy can literally make your company millions. 

The Magic Number

How Many Follow-Ups Does It Take To Close A Sale? According to statistics, 80% of sales require at least five follow-ups for a sale to close. However, this isn’t an exact formula as each lead/potential prospect will require its approach based on their needs at that particular moment. Therefore, it’s essential that you remain flexible while serving your prospective clients because each situation has its own nuances that should be taken into account when creating the best next step.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Being “Salesy” Or “Pushy” In Your Follow Ups

As mentioned previously, there is nothing wrong with being “salesy” or “pushy” when sending out follow-ups as long as your message remains relevant and personalized based on what each prospect needs at that particular moment. And, let’s reframe “salesy” and “pushy” to being a “professionally persistent problem solver!  Don’t let fear of appearing too assertive stop you from reaching out multiple times.  Successfully closing a sale begins with creating relationships built on trust between yourself (the seller) and those you wish to transform into ideal clients (buyers).  

Investing in effective follow-up strategies after making an initial sales call can make all the difference between success or failure when it comes down to closing a sale. Keeping things simple by focusing on each prospect’s needs rather than worrying about sounding too assertive during follow ups can help immensely.  As stated earlier, statistics show that five follow ups are typically necessary for closing successful deals. Remember, every case is different, so remain flexible throughout your outreach process when communicating with buyers about their purchases/services decisions. You’ve got this!

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