5 Business Blocks That Are Keeping You Stuck…And How To Change Them

Let me ask you: Do you realize how close you are to launching forward and Leveling Up your business? 

Much closer than you think. 

Napoleon Hill, in Think and Grow Rich, talked about being “3 feet from gold.” This analogy comes from a story of a young man during the gold rush. After mining away at a Colorado gold mine for many months, he finally quit. He sold all of his machinery and equipment to a “junk man” who sought counsel prior to resuming digging. His engineer advised him that gold would be found just 3 feet from where the previous miner had stopped.

And do you know what? He was right. The first miner was literally three feet from striking gold – and he quit.

You’re 3 feet from gold. You may just need to adjust a few things. And if you’re willing to make some adjustments, get ready!

So what are the changes you may need to make to “strike gold?”

Level Up your goals

Sometimes the problem isn’t that our goals are unreachable because they are too big. The problem is actually the opposite! It’s that our goals are far too small, and we know they are unworthy of our efforts. So think big. 

Consider this: If your goals don’t scare you, they aren’t worthy! 

What is the purpose of having a small goal? The reward is small, the payoff is small, the satisfaction is small, and the victory is small!

By contrast, a BIG, seemingly unattainable goal stretches us to think creatively, adapt, create momentum, and end up with BIG rewards at the end! Even if you don’t reach your “stretch goals,” you’ll end up with far more than you would have had otherwise if you hadn’t tried!

So set big, seemingly scary goals!

LevelUp your beliefs

Do you have limiting beliefs? If you’re feeling stuck, chances are you do! This is the easiest thing to change – it happens right between your ears!

What is your #1 limiting belief? I have seen varying limiting beliefs in sales people, but some of the most common are:

Sales is hard.

People will think I’m being pushy.

Nobody wants what I have to offer.

I don’t deserve to make that much money.

There’s no way I can double my sales.

The top 20% doesn’t exist for me.

I’m not an expert.

Do any of these resonate with you? If they do, replace them NOW with:

Sales is easy. (Because it is!)

I am a professionally persistent problem solver.

My target market genuinely needs what I have to offer as it carries value for them.

I deserve to make as much money as I want.

I am already on my way to doubling and tripling my sales.

I only work with my top 20%.

I am an expert and I love to solve my client’s problems.

Master The Art Of Follow Up

Statistically speaking, 85% of sales are made after the 5th follow up? The 5th one! Which means that once you’ve had your authentic sales conversation, you’re not done yet! 

And the numbers show that not only do you need to follow up, you need to be persistent about it!

The skill of follow up is a valuable one that needs to be in the repertoire of every sales person. As with everything, your follow up needs to be done with intention to be effective. Your prospects want to know how much you want to work with them, so a strong follow up cannot be underestimated. 

Schedule your follow ups, keep accurate records, and be consistent. 

Value Yourself

Someone is praying RIGHT NOW for what you have to offer! It never ceases to amaze me how many of my clients truly believe that they are not qualified – even though they are – and they completely undervalue themselves! This limiting belief is not limited to people who are new to an industry. I’ve seen it in all skill levels – from business owners starting brand new projects to skilled and educated professionals with decades of experience to offer!

This is a phenomenon called imposter syndrome

However, it’s a complete lie. We tend to underestimate the value and benefits of our qualifications. But hear me: If you are selling something, you are, by default, an expert in that area!

Even if you have no sales experience whatsoever, you have an expertise in what you are selling! That is enough!

Find Your Favorite Clients

…And work only with them. 

I’m talking about taking your target clients and narrowing that list down even further to just your favorites. These are the clients that you wake up in the morning excited to see. The ones that you got in business for in the first place. They are the top 20% of your top 20%, so to speak!

It’s ok to admit that not every client is for you. You end up wasting a lot of time and energy on prospects that are not your target clients when you give them a lot of time. 

The fact that certain clients aren’t for you doesn’t mean they are bad or that there is anything wrong with them – it just means that they will be better served by someone else. 

As you are figuring out what kind of client you want to be working with, ask yourself:

What are the top 10 qualities of my favorite client?

My favorite client always wants me to….

What does my favorite client appreciate about me?

My favorite client appreciates the products or services I offer because…..

What changes do you need to make to remove the blocks that are holding you back? Remember, you’re 3 feet from gold – and that is the worst time to quit! Stay the course – the gold is right around the corner.

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