Join Award Winning Author + Sales Expert Ursula Mentjes and her guests as they share exactly what they did to grow their business exponentially and how to experience more freedom, joy and peace in your business and in your life.

A Holistic Approach to Business and Sales with Lori Bestler

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve likely read or heard me speak about the incredible power that intentional thinking can have on your sales. I teach that when you believe that you can, you actually can – and do – succeed, just because of shifting your thoughts and beliefs. But you see, it…

Becoming Intentional With Your Sales Pitch with Shawndel Spader

The big question of the age today is this. Do you need a lot of education to be successful? Think about it. Some of the world’s most skilled and successful individuals were also the most unlikely candidates for success in their field! They were not the best, nor the smartest, nor the most talented, and…

Becoming a Sales Powerhouse with Angie Weber

Have you ever heard someone say this? “I could never be in sales – selling is hard!” This is perhaps the most common limiting belief I see in struggling sales professionals, and it’s simply not true! This particular belief is usually interwoven with several other limiting beliefs – and they all seem to stack upon…

Using Hypnosis to Overcome Mindset Hurdles with De’Anna Nunez

When you think of hypnosis, you probably envision a swinging pocket watch, a crafty magician or illusionist, and an entertaining stage performance. People being hypnotized appear to completely lose control over themselves, and all kinds of hilarity ensues at the expense of the “performers.” I’ll admit, it makes for a fun show. But in reality,…

What Does Success Mean To You?

Most people would say that they have an idea of what they think success is. Many times, the definition of “success” varies from person to person. Some might say: “Success is found in financial security.” “Success is found in building a stable business.” “Success is found in providing for your family.” These are all good,…

Energy Is Real – Here Is How It Applies To Your Sales

How is your energy today? You may read a question like this and think, “Wait – isn’t this a sales coaching webpage?” Yes – it is – and this is an important question…. How is your energy? And what does that mean? When we hear people talk about “energy,” we can tend to think of…

Small Changes Produce Big Results

Time and time again, I’m astounded at the simplicity and power of making small changes that produce big results. I love when I see what I teach being lived out and demonstrated by successful sales professionals. The key to doubling and tripling your sales lies entirely in your mindset. Sales is easy – when you have the right mindset and when you work with intention….

My Interview with Michelle Lee + I Was Part of Her Mom’s on Purpose Summit

[iframe src=”//” height=”110″] Michelle Lee is the founder of Athena Rising Now, LLC, a women’s and mother’s empowerment coach for 16 years and is known as The Coachapist. She deeply understands that when the mother is healed the family heals. Only thriving, happy, whole women can raise thriving, happy, whole kids. Michelle’s Soul’s purpose and…

Growing a Service Based Business and Expanding Your Expertise with Amy Boyd

[iframe src=”//” height=”110″] Today’s guest is very cool and very fun, Amy (Amelia) Boyd, who has, together with her partners, grown an incredible business over the last twelve years. Amy, a CPA and an RPA, is the the Co-founder of the 5500 Tax Group Incorporated, a team of experienced professionals, specializing in Employee Benefit Tax…

Learn What it REALLY Takes to Double Your Sales with Cathy Paper

[iframe src=”//” height=”110″] “Networking” and “Promotion,” are both words with some weighty connotation for those of us in business. It can seem impossibly personal and terrifying to get out there and market your business or your book. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a friend on the inside? Someone who could guide you through…

Missing part: Keeping Small Town America Alive Through Retail with Amanda Walljasper-Tate

[iframe src=”//” height=”110″] As a successful brick and mortar retail business owner, Amanda Walljasper-Tate has used her passion for helping people become healthier to drive her business endeavors for the last 8 years. Her love for small businesses and thriving small towns has pushed her to not only pursue growth in her retail locations, but…

How To Transform Your Business As A Heart-tepreneur with Terri Levine

[iframe src=”//” height=”110″] Dr. Terri Levine is a lady with a mission! She’s a top Business and Marketing Strategist who’s changing the way that business owners around the world connect with their target audience and then select and serve their customers and employees. She really has a lot to give, so it’s no wonder that…

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