Join Award Winning Author + Sales Expert Ursula Mentjes and her guests as they share exactly what they did to grow their business exponentially and how to experience more freedom, joy and peace in your business and in your life.

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Building a Multi-Million Dollar Business from the Ground Up with Tina Loza

We are really excited and very happy to have the amazing (and very funny) Tina Loza on the show today. She’s a multi-million dollar business owner, who started out from scratch, with absolutely nothing. Tina, who has a sense of humor that always seems to come through, is the Founder and Managing Partner at Loza…

Your Dreams into Actionable Tasks to Make Them a Reality with Nea DallaValle

On our path to doubling our sales, we often find events panning out differently than we planned. Whether life throws us a curveball, or we find ourselves a little disenchanted with the business we always envisioned, it is never too late to get reacquainted with your dreams. What if I told you there is someone…

Leveraging Your Network to Grow Your Business with Kelly Jahner-Byrn

Today we have the amazing Kelly Jahner-Byrne on the show and she’s really all about getting it done! Kelly, who thinks that she’s probably been an Entrepreneur since the age of eight, describes herself as a blue collar kid, from South St Paul. She is a dynamic Speaker, Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Singer and International Business…

Effective Strategies for Selling Yourself and Your Products with Thomas Blackwell

Today we have the very cool, very fun, incredible Thomas Blackwell on the show! Thomas has given over one thousand talks and presentations to Corporations, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Sales Teams, Athletes, Religious Groups and Students, over the last fifteen years.  His unique style of speaking operates at the level of inspiration and it really allows those…

Tested and Tried Strategies to Grow Your Business with Mark LeBlanc

Today we have the very cool, very incredible Mark Le Blanc with us! He is widely considered a Business Development expert and he is based out of Minneapolis. Mark has an Achiever Circle Retreat, for independent professionals who really want to create an extreme area of focus and as a result of that, put more…

Mental Management and How it Affects Your Business with Brandon Webb

Do your thoughts tend towards the negative? Does skepticism or doubt keep you from taking risks and doubling your sales? Are your odds insurmountable? Do you feel like giving up? If this is you, then our guest this week, Brandon Webb, is going to keep you from pulling the plug on your business. If anyone…

Sales By The Numbers with Robin Schnaidt

We have the amazing Robin Schnaidt, with us today. She’s someone who really knows her numbers, so she’s a powerhouse in the accounting world and her clients really love her! Robin is an accomplished accountant, with more that twenty years of experience in the industry. She specializes in helping small businesses and individuals with their…

Shifting a Limited Mindset to Reach Your Full Sales Potential with Patti Cotton

Today we have the very amazing and very cool Patti Cotton on the show. Patti is an Executive Coach from the West Coast and she really shows up in the world in an inspiring way and serves people with a lot of heart! Today she talks about how, with the right kind of help, she…

Managing Your Money Mindset with Nicole Lewis-Keeber

Nicole is a Money Mindset Master with a background in therapy and life coaching. Using a conversational, engaging, humor-infused approach to complex challenges, Nicole’s talks and coaching programs guide business owners, coaches, and healers to reveal and release their underlying blocks and barriers to financial abundance, so that they can master their mindset, heal their…

Lawyers Need Sales Skills Too with Julie Finch

If you are an Attorney, you don’t really need to double your sales, do you? What if “Sales” feels like one of those four letter words and entrepreneur is a job for young people or risk-takers? You might be a little bit like this week’s guest, Julie Finch. Julie is an Attorney who has been…

Opening More Doors and Closing More Sales with Jody Weinberg

What are you good at? The answer may seem obvious to you. Everyone will answer this question differently. I’m great at networking I’m best at cold calling I’m fantastic with my bookkeeping I’m a pro at systems management I’m a numbers person I’m the face of my organization I’m exceptional at working with people I’m…

A Holistic Approach to Business and Sales with Lori Bestler

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve likely read or heard me speak about the incredible power that intentional thinking can have on your sales. I teach that when you believe that you can, you actually can – and do – succeed, just because of shifting your thoughts and beliefs. But you see, it…

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