Why Traditional Selling Still Works

The internet is a great sales tool. Believe me, it is an essential key in my own business and you wouldn’t be reading this article without the power of an ezine company. However, in the age of technology, it seems like many people have forgotten about the power of traditional selling. The power of the telephone. The power of a face to face meeting.

Traditional selling works. I define traditional selling as picking up the telephone, scheduling a face to face meeting and getting off the phone. Remember, your goal isn’t to sell over the phone, simply to get the appointment. Once you are sitting face to face with a client, THEN you can help them determine whether or not your products or services can help them. Until you are sitting down with them, it’s difficult to know, and the sales process will drag on!

When I first started my sales career, my goal was to make 100 calls per day. Back then we focused on quantity, not quality, but I got REALLY good at picking up the phone and scheduling meetings. In my experience as a Sales Coach, I find that people don’t want to pick up the phone these days. They would rather shoot off a quick email and see what happens.

But then they wait. And hope. And wait. And hope. And wait.

Meanwhile, your prospect is wondering why you haven’t called them. I’m not kidding!

I believe there are three main reasons that traditional selling still works:

The phone is a fast and easy way to reach people!
Think about it. You can literally pick up your telephone at any given moment, type in a number and have someone answer at the other end. How long does it take? Seconds!

How many people could you call in just thirty minutes? ? A lot! I promise your sales would go up with just thirty minutes of solid calling every day.

Scheduling a face to face meeting is usually a critical part of the sales process.
Unless you only do business through the internet, scheduling a face to face meeting is important because it shows your prospect that you care and you are serious about earning their business.

Plus, when you are sitting in front of someone, you can actually get a better sense of what they think about your product or service because you can read their body language. And, you can connect with intention and truly get to know the client when you are sitting across from them.

People have to like you, know you and trust you before they buy (or at least feel like they do).
Have you ever made a new friend over the phone before you met them in person? Maybe, but the phone is usually an awkward first place to connect. When you sit down with someone in person, they can actually decide whether or not they like you. Like the old sales adage, people buy from people they like, know and trust. The good news is, if you they like you, it’s pretty likely they will buy from you.

Action Item: Look at all of the cards on your desk and in your day planner (or wherever you keep them). Sort through them and rank your top 5 prospects. Call them today!

In this “different” economy, I want to encourage you to go back to basics. Pick up the phone, call your top prospects, and schedule the appointment.

They will be glad to hear from you and your sales will go up! As Nike tells us, “Just do it!”!

What traditional selling techniques are working for you?

To Your Sales Success,


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