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Melissa Swink, founder of Melissa Swink & Co., is a business and time management consultant, speaker, and trainer who is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs to save time and make more money. She and her team of dedicated virtual assistants also provide administrative, marketing, and social media support to business owners.

After enjoying a corporate career in process improvement and operations management, Melissa turned her knack for productivity and efficiency into a business. Since 2012, Melissa has helped dozens of business owners. She believes in the importance of maximizing work time so there is more space for other priorities in life.

Melissa isn’t a coach – and that’s what sets her apart. As a consultant, she focuses on teaching the “how” not the “why.” Her work is all about nuts and bolts, doing what works (and eliminating what doesn’t) and driving real, measurable results!

Are you interested in hiring our team to help you save time and make more money? Book a FREE consultation call today to learn more about our administrative, marketing, and social media services!

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If you would like to…

  • Spend your days doing the work you love
  • Make more money by focusing on the things that are easy and come naturally to you
  • Have an awesome team to do the things you don’t enjoy or struggle to do
  • Simplify the way you run your business

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