Rewrite Your Story And Expand Your Revenue

Rewrite Your Story And Expand Your Revenue

What is your business story? How did you start in your business? What has your journey been like? Being in business changes everything about you in the best way! Nothing will cause you to grow and think creatively quite like being a business owner will. 

And all good stories have something in common: A conflict. A problem. A challenge. Something to overcome. And all good stories scale that hurdle. 

This is good news! Because if you’re feeling stuck, like you’re spinning your wheels in your business, you’re normal! You’re experiencing something that just about every business owner in the world has faced. It also means that there is another side to this story. The side that overcomes and scales up. 

Your story doesn’t need to end where you are right now.

So how can you rewrite your story? Well, nothing can happen in real life that hasn’t first taken root in your mind. So truly, success starts with your thinking. 

Shifting your thoughts requires simply leaning into intentional thoughts.

What do you WANT?
Where do you want to be in 6 months?
How much do you want your revenue to be? 

Envision that. Let it sit in your mind. Picture yourself already having it, and think about it a lot. This is vision casting! It’s called scripting. And this is what happens in your mind when you do: Your mind starts going to work for you. 

You see, your subconscious mind can’t distinguish between what is currently reality and what your vision is. What you feed it, it will produce for you. When you think about it, visualise it, and make your mind think you’ve accomplished it already, your mind begins to make it happen FOR you!

It’s really that simple! But so many don’t do it! Why? 

I find that what stops most business owners from doing this effectively is something called imposter syndrome. 

Imposter syndrome, sometimes called perceived fraudulence, is this nagging feeling that you aren’t cut out for the job. People will think that they are not qualified to do what they are doing, and they are constantly scared that they are going to be unmasked as the fraud they think they are. 

I’ve seen imposter syndrome in people who are brand new in their businesses and I’ve seen it in experts who have been successful in their fields for 30 years. It affects almost everyone.

And it is a lie. 

Think about this. Someone is praying RIGHT NOW for what you have to offer! Yes, you – even the brand new person in the industry! It never ceases to amaze me how many of my clients truly believe that they are not qualified – even though they are – and they completely undervalue themselves! We tend to underestimate the value and benefits of our qualifications. 

But hear me: If you are selling something, you are, by default, an expert in that area!

Even if you have no sales experience whatsoever, you have an expertise in what you are selling! That is enough!

What does imposter syndrome have to do with scripting and vision casting for your future? 

You won’t script your future if you think you aren’t qualified or deserving of the rewards you’re hoping to receive. 

What do you WANT your story to be? What is your vision for your life and your business? Scripting your future self will bring it to you – and YES – you deserve it! 

Do you want to bust through your current perceived income ceiling? Focus on the feeling you’ll have on the other side of it and you’ll have it!

Each good story has challenges. They shape us to be better people. But we have a choice – YOU have a choice – to script your future. 

And you deserve it. 

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