Do You REALLY Believe You Can?

I share a lot of information with people. I tell hundreds of people each year how easy it is to double and triple their sales – how to make their dreams come true.

I see a lot of success stories – impressive quantum leaps that inspire others to move forward. Each story is totally unique but equally inspiring. They all use the same methods to move themselves forward.

And I see others as well. I regularly interact with tremendously capable, skilled, professional, talented individuals who have the capacity within them to literally change the world. And I believe with every fiber of my being that they can do just that.

But they don’t believe it.

You can have all the tools in the world. You can have all the smarts and the know-how be THE go-to leader in your industry. You can have all the education, the support, and the certifications that declare your expertise. But none of that will get you anywhere if you don’t first believe in yourself.

Now hear me: don’t miss this. It’s too easy to pass over the message believe in yourself as a cliche when looking for the “real” secret to doubling your sales. But listen: this IS the key. This is the secret. Because when you know you can do it, you can do anything.


If that is you – if you have all of the abilities, the know-how, the systems in place, the support, and the drive, but you’re still stuck, examine yourself: Do you really believe that you can do it?

If you’re being honest with yourself and your answer is no, take heart – that is GREAT NEWS! How could that possibly be great news?

Here’s why: You know where to start!

And knowing is half the battle. I can give you a plan and formula for overcoming unbelief, even in yourself!

Start with daily affirmations. Tell yourself several times a day:

  •  I am capable
  • I am a leader in my industry
  • I am worthy
  • I am doubling and tripling my sales in the next 90 days.

If you don’t believe in yourself, get around others that do. Belief is infectious. And for now, borrow some of my belief in you. Receive this: You can.

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