The Quantum Sales Summit Was Just That: Quantum

There is no way around it, so I’m just going to say it. If you missed the Quantum Sales Summit, you really missed out. Please please please – do NOT miss it next year!

It is indescribably powerful to share a space with like minded, successful, forward thinking individuals. Their success, attitudes, and spirit are infectious. The hotel staff where the event was held went out of their way to tell me that the people coming to my event were so happy. What a testament to the quality of people that were present that day!

What we saw demonstrated time and time again on the stage was sheer inspiration. You really can have the life and business you desire and deserve – so what is stopping you?

I loved how Brian Smith, the founder of UGG Boots, talked about the power that he found in pivoting – refocusing, changing perspective, and moving forward. Shifting perspective was a key idea at the Quantum Sales Summit. One of the most important things we talked about was The Top 8 Limiting Beliefs people have that stop them from moving forward. A simple pivot, or shift, in focus or belief is usually the catalyst for launching your success. Which one do you need to pivot?

1. I don’t know my numbers. If you don’t, simply do the math! The numbers will work in your favor if you just work them.

2. I will be perceived as pushy. This one trips up so many business owners. You’re not being pushy – you’re being professionally persistent.

3. I don’t deserve to make that much money. Money is simply a tool. It is amoral – neither good nor bad. If you need or want more, there is plenty sitting around, and there are plenty of amazing things you can do with it for yourself and others.

4. There is no way I can double my sales. As soon as you break through this one, you’re already on your way. Nothing else is required but you change your mind.

5. The top 20% doesn’t exist for me. The top 20% exists for everyone. Everyone. You choose them, and you choose to work with only them.

6. I am not an expert – I can barely run my own business. Except you are the expert.

7. If I have one good month, I’ll have to do it again. It amazes me that this is a limiting belief. Pivoting your mindset to a belief that you are consistently reaching your sales goals will shatter this one.

8. I am doing this all alone, without support. Nobody would say this if they had seen the level of support, resources, connection and community that was present at the Quantum Sales Summit.

Even though I spoke about each of these beliefs, the rest of our speakers and panel participants demonstrated with a power beyond mere words how each limiting belief can be changed. And once a limiting belief is changed, there is nothing that can stop you.

What inspires you to think bigger? To dream more clearly? To take the next step? What are your limiting beliefs? Change them!

Words escape me. What a tremendous blessing it is to work every day with the people I do. This is your year. Sign up for sales camp, pivot those limiting beliefs, and hang on for the ride because your sales and business are about to change for the better.

1 thought on “The Quantum Sales Summit Was Just That: Quantum”

  1. Stacey Elizabeth Jordan

    What an amazing event! Ursula’s words speak directly to me every time and have been pivotal in my business and personal life. working on an intentional schedule and knowing the Universe will conspire to make it happen. All the speakers, Amanda Johnson, Thomas Blackwell, Ursula & Brian Smith left so many gems of wisdom. Here is my takeaway from Brian Smith: Wealth is no a natural gift, it results from Labor, Knowledge & Organization. Wealth is time, prioritize. Wealth is more than money, you can have a wealth of friends, wealth of activity, and a wealth of Love.

    Looking forward to Ursula’s new book, ” The Belief Zone.”

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