Posture & Pain Expert

Imagine waking up in the morning, searching for the pain and it’s not there.

Anna Forliti is a posture and pain expert who has been coaching individuals to heal from chronic pain for over 10 years.

Anna works with individuals who want to relieve pain, move better, improve posture, and enhance performance.

Her clients are active participants in life who are positively impacting the world. They believe in the body’s natural ability to heal. They value addressing the underlying cause of pain rather than treating symptoms. And they desire the freedom of feeling good in their body so
they can live, play, and be pain-free.

Inspired to feel and move better? Schedule a Free Call with Anna. Connect. Ask questions. Learn how Postural Healing can help you heal.

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Anna Forliti is a posture expert who is passionate about helping people live, play, and be active and pain free. As an Egoscue Certified Postural Alignment Specialist and Advanced Exercise Therapist she has been helping people heal from chronic pain and improve function & performance for 10 years.

Anna is founder and owner of Postural Healing, LLC where she works with individuals both in person as well as virtually, which allows her to share her passions around the world. She also offers classes and workshops in the community and virtually.

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