The One Thing Every Salesperson Needs To Stop

Is this scenario familiar to anyone?

On your way to a sales presentation, a miniscule doubt flashes through your mind. Almost immediately, the thought arises asking, “Do they even want what I have to offer?”

A little anxiety creeps in.

Before you know it, you’ve convinced yourself that they aren’t going to like you. Up goes your anxiety – and blood pressure!

To which your mind breeds more thoughts of your prospect responding unfavorably to your presentation, which leads to more anxiety….

And by the time you meet with this client, you’re surprised that they are excited to meet with you. Yet, you’re sweating bullets, hardly able to articulate your thoughts in your sales conversation, and your mind is numb.

What happened? Fear got the best of you – even though your client clearly wanted what you had to offer!

Do you have any fears about sales that hold you back? Most people do – and that’s okay! It just means that you’re human! In order to deal with our fears and limiting beliefs, the first step is understanding them.

Today, science has discovered a wealth of information about the brain. Specifically, we now know what kinds of effects that fear has on it. And what we know isn’t reassuring. Among other things, fear:

  • Shrinks the brain
  • Impacts memory
  • Halts productivity
  • Increases blood pressure
  • Activates the fight or flight response
  • Increases inflammation
  • Feeds itself by causing more anxiety and fear

Yes. Fear breeds more fear.

I find that a lot of salespeople tend to have fears about their job – so this is a big deal! But it does NOT need to own us or our work!

The key is to recognize fear and stop it in its tracks before it spirals out of control – which can happen rapidly.

Fear can look like a lot of things. It’s anxiety, doubt, limiting beliefs, and procrastination. What do you tend to do when you’re feeling anxious? It’s different from person to person. Find the way it creeps up on you – and stop it in its tracks.

So how do you stop fear? Well, fear begins with a thought. When a fear based thought – or what I call a limiting belief – starts to creep in, counter those thoughts with different ones.

Instead of, “This prospect won’t like me,” INTENTIONALLY tell yourself, “I’ve made a great connection with this prospect, and this sales conversation will be easy.”

Instead of, “They are going to say no,” INTENTIONALLY tell yourself, “This prospect needs what I have to offer!”

What is it for you?

Fear was one of the topics I covered with my latest podcast guest, Kirsty Spraggon. A successful realtor and businesswoman, Kirsty has based her entire business on truth telling, connection, vulnerability, and everyone loves her for her complete authenticity. You do NOT want to miss this show!

Fear is terrible for us – and it does nothing to help our success. Which fears and limiting beliefs do you need to manage and be aware of as you’re doubling and tripling your sales?

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