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I’ve never come across a successful salesperson that claimed to have been completely fearless in their endeavors. Not one. Fear of the unknown is part of the process of expanding your sales – as well as your personal growth. If it’s worth doing, there is always an obstacle to overcome.

When we think of bravery or courage, we picture a person who is not afraid. I will never forget hearing once that the definition of bravery, according to the Boy Scouts of America, is:

Doing what you know to be the right thing even though you are afraid.” That changes things slightly, doesn’t it?

Which means this: It’s okay to be afraid. You just do it anyways.

Everyone has a comfort zone. For varying reasons, some people’s comfort zones are larger than others, some smaller.  But we all have the things in our world that seemingly frighten us – because the risk of doing them seems too great. Those are the things that are beyond the comfort zone.

Consequently, the comfort zone is also oftentimes called the “failure zone.”

Because you see, we’ll never grow – personally or grow our sales – if we insist on operating within only our comfort zones!

Eleanor Roosevelt was once quoted as saying, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Why? Because when we do that thing, suddenly it becomes less scary. And that’s how we grow.

So, what is YOUR comfort zone? Where’s that line? What are you intimidated by?

Furthermore, why are you intimidated by it? Is there a limiting belief getting in your way? Or rather, what frightens you when it comes to your sales? Are you intimidated by the phone? Does following up feel too big of a task? Is it cold calling? Are you afraid to attend networking events or take the next step for business expansion?

Whatever it is, do that! Because the more you do it, the better you become at it!

This gem of wisdom comes from Martha Wommack, whom I interviewed on my latest podcast episode. A successful businesswoman, Martha shares her story of growing out of her comfort zone and how it resulted in a solid, successful, 7-figure business enterprise. She reached past her limits – and she saw the success that resulted.

Her inspiring story can be found here!

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