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Do you know a medical professional who is passionate about creating a better patient experience?  Reducing patient anxiety is huge for increasing profitability, decreasing cancellations and failures, and differentiating a medical or dental practice.  Jessica’s background as a licensed psychologist as well as co-owner of a dental office makes her an expert in teaching teams how to effectively address medical anxiety in a real way – a win-win for everyone!
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Jessica Martin is the owner of Martin Management Consulting and co-owner of Martin Dental, a successful dental spa in Eau Claire, WI.  Jessica is a licensed school psychologist and helps medical professionals understand why patients feel anxious or fear at the dentist and other medical appointments.  Jessica has created strategies for dental offices to remove some of the most common barriers to dental care.  She loves sharing ways to make the experience positive for every patient.  Jessica has also been involved in leadership positions for two local networking organizations for the past 7 years.  She has assisted 90+ business professionals thrive and be more successful.

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