Making Money Is EASY

Do you think that making money is hard?

Or rather, do you have the limiting belief that making money NEEDS to be hard? That it’s a struggle to make ends meet and that you barely have enough? Does your image of money making include working long, exhausting hours and still never having enough?

Where did that belief come from? Because I have good news for you: making money does NOT need to be hard!

In fact, it’s ok to accept the fact that making money is easy – especially when you’re in sales. Sales makes money making easy!

We tend to grossly overthink the concept of money. Money is not complicated, nor is it difficult to acquire. Furthermore, it’s amoral – it cannot be inherently good or bad, even though we spend countless hours pondering the ethics of money! Money is simply energy – nothing more.

And there is PLENTY of it to go around.

However, here is the key: You simply need to be open to receiving it.

Think about it: As you’re doubling and tripling your sales, how can you expect to get what’s coming to you (read: money!) if you don’t believe that there is enough to come your way? Or if you believe that it’s going to have a hard time making its way to you?

Thinking that money is hard to make is simply a limiting belief! So, replace it with this instead:

Making money is easy and money flows to me effortlessly every day!

Accepting that it is okay to believe that making money is easy was a game changer for my podcast guest, Beccah Leindecker. As a millennial, she’s breaking every stereotype about her generation and crushing her personal and real estate goals! She says, “It’s all about figuring out what activities are making me money.”

See? It’s that easy!

Hear her motivating story on my podcast here!

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