Shifting Your Tone to Supercharge Your Sales with Kirsty Spraggon

When we talk about selling strategies, we rarely turn the conversation back to ourselves. It is easy to be in the mindset of serving the customer or client, but today I wanted to show you how telling your own story with vulnerability and honesty can be just the thing you need to give your sales some momentum. My guest today is a new friend, Kirsty Spraggon. Kirsty is a former Realtor, and now an inspirational speaker. Kirsty is a storyteller at heart, and that is why I am so excited to dive in with her today. Her background is so perfect for the Double Your Sales audience!

Kirsty is so gifted in shifting the tone of any event with her vulnerable stories and inspiring anecdotes. Her speeches encourage audiences to connect to one another in a deeper way by cultivating that culture of vulnerability. Today, you are going to hear all about how Kirsty became such a success in sales, as well as her shift into motivational speaking. Along the way, she will share so much wisdom about how to deepen relationships and grow your network.I know Kirsty is going to inspire you to do something different with how you approach your sales, so let’s get started together!

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