Embracing Change And Seeing Opportunities

Do you know ANYONE who loves change? I don’t mean embracing change as in enjoying the change of the seasons. I mean embracing the things that unexpectedly turn our lives upside down. For instance:

Have you ever experienced a sudden, unexpected setback in your business?
Have you ever experienced stress? 

Do you have relationship difficulties distracting you from your work? 

Did your business struggle during the pandemic? 

It would be a rare person indeed who would say that they just love when these kinds of challenges show up. We simply aren’t wired that way! 

And yet, the only thing that is truly predictable… is change.

We can always be assured that things are going to change – whether or not it’s seemingly for the better. Businesses – and people – who embrace and ride the unseen opportunities of change – are the ones who succeed in the long run. 

How do they do it? And in response, how can we reframe the way we see change? 

Here is the key. Know this: Every time things change, opportunity rides in its wake. This is without exception. We just need to be diligent and willing to see the opportunities when they make their appearances. 

Too often, we are faced with change in a way that draws our attention to the negative, inconvenient, frustrating aspects. Instead of being opportunity seekers, we donate all our time and mental energy to putting out fires! We get so distracted by the things that ultimately don’t matter that we’re lost in our own struggle! In a way, we become our own worst enemy. 

In this day and age, the world can seem like a crazy place. Social media, politics, and the state of things today can easily suck us in and make us feel like everything is coming to an end. 

But look around. What you’ll find is this:

We’ve never been more innovative than we have in the last year and a half. Businesses are thriving. They are booming. Right now, there is more money being exchanged than ever before. Business and industry has not stopped! In fact, the opposite is true! So much has changed in our economy in the last year and a half that many of us are still looking around trying to take in the new normal! Instead of looking at what could be, we’re consumed with what IS. 

But remember: With change comes opportunity. We just need to be intentional about giving some mental energy to reaching under adversity to find the treasure that lies underneath. 

Now hear me. This is not an easy process. I would never suggest that it’s a piece of cake to see a huge roadblock and instantly see the opportunities that arise from it! Nor am I suggesting that we ignore the challenges altogether in the name of progress. But I am telling you that if things are hard right now, you are 3 feet from gold. Just don’t quit. 

During the pandemic, I admit that even I was feeling a little defeated for a while! Who wouldn’t, right? But as I started looking at what was happening, I began to see glimmers of hope. First I saw options, and as soon as I saw options, I saw huge opportunities begin to open up all over the place. 

And you know what? I made a lot of changes to my business as a result! I never would have made these changes if it wasn’t for the struggle brought on by the pandemic. And I couldn’t be happier with the direction that my business has taken! I never thought I would have rebranded, narrowed my target market, and that I would be working with only my favorite clients. 

But without the struggle, I wouldn’t have this amazing result. 

So where are you? 

Are you tired of seeing only the struggle? 

Are you caught up in the adversity of the season? 

Or are you ready to reach under all of that struggle – and strike gold? 

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