How to Get Referrals Without Being Pushy with David Schwandt

A strong referral is one of the most valuable ways to grow your business, but oftentimes we can feel pushy or like we are imposing when we ask for them. How can we bring a level of authenticity to our sales and referral process without relying on “the pitch?” I am so excited to talk to my guest, David Schwandt, today because he has figured out how to sell his services without feeling like he is imposing on his network. As an added bonus to me and all my other Minnesotan listeners, he’s a local! I’m excited for you to hear David’s perspective on the local market, especially when it comes to the changes in legislation over the years. David’s interview is perfect for anyone just starting out, who needs help getting a leg up when it comes to referrals!

David started out in Law, but after some wise advice from trusted friends, he decided to take his smarts in another direction. After racking up just about every certification and degree you could imagine, David opened up his own Financial Advising business. David is a self-made entrepreneur, and at the heart of everything he does is a desire to help his clients make the best decisions with their money. From retirement planning to smart investing strategies, David has the knowledge and experience to serve you well.

Today, David is going to share how he built his business from the ground up, in spite of fears and limiting beliefs about selling and referrals. Now, David’s referral base is stronger than ever, and I know you are going to learn a lot from his top-selling strategies. It’s time to stop letting fear run your business! David is going to show us how it’s done.

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