Are You SELLING Out or Selling OUT?

Selling Out

Omigoodness, Sales Camp Minnesota is this week! To say I am excited is an understatement. This particular Sales Camp sold out in May, thanks to our many amazing partners and clients who helped us promote.

Having been leading Sales Camps for years now, it is always heartwarming to have an event sell out. Why does that warm my heart? It warms my heart because when an event SELLS out, it means that I am not selling OUT. I know, it sounds like the same thing, but stay with me for a second.

When we sell OUT in business, it means we stop reaching for our highest stretch goals. It means we stop demanding that we work with our top 20%. It means that we sort of give up on our dreams and what we know is really possible. It also means we allow limiting beliefs and fears to creep in, stopping us from achieving what we KNOW we really can achieve and give.

Where are you selling OUT right now in your business that stops you from SELLING out?

Think about that for a moment. Are you stopping yourself from picking up the phone because you are afraid of receiving a no? Are you stopping yourself from asking for the money? Are you stopping yourself from taking a giant leap in your marketing because you are afraid of what others will think?

It’s amazing to me what we will stop ourselves from doing, even though we know what the potential rewards are from taking the exact step we need to take, the one that is right in front of us.

Don’t sell OUT.

Start SELLING out.

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