5 Steps To Have A Breakthrough NOW

It never ceases to amaze me how simple it is to be successful.

I’ve met hundreds of successful people over the years. And though their journeys are unique to them, their stories are all profoundly similar. They all include doubts, risks, limiting beliefs, overcoming, humility, and continued growth.

They also all include a period in their journey where they were STUCK and needed a breakthrough – and they got it.

Guess what? THAT IS GREAT NEWS! Because if you are stuck in your sales, you’re on the same path that successful businesses have been on. They were all able to get out – they all experienced a breakthrough – which means that you can too!

So, what is the worst thing is about feeling stuck? When you don’t think you have any way out of it! Stagnation in business is so frustrating because it’s a place of reigning confusion – you oftentimes don’t know WHY you are stuck, so, therefore, you don’t know what to do to be UNstuck.

You need a formula for having a breakthrough!

And once you have your breakthrough –  you get to join the ranks of successful people who have overcome – just like you’re going to.

5 Steps To Have A Breakthrough NOW:

1. Examine Your Goals

What are your goals? If you haven’t achieved your goals this year, ask WHY? And BE HONEST with yourself! You may find that your initial answer is a front for the real one – that’s normal! But dig a little deeper and find the real reason!

Is it because you no longer love the programs you are selling?
Do you feel discouraged because you set a high goal and didn’t reach it?
Are you having problems with a person on your team and don’t want to confront them?

Once you identify why you haven’t achieved your goals, GOOD NEWS! The battle is half over. Perhaps you need a reboot …

2. Identify Limiting Beliefs

Once you’ve examined your goal, ask yourself, “What do I believe about achieving that goal?” If you’re stuck, it’s likely that you have a limiting belief about that goal!

So, what is it? Do you wonder if people really need what you have to offer? Do you think that past struggles mean you won’t make it moving forward? Once again, get down to the real reason -and you will probably be surprised at what you believe about that goal!

Once you find your limiting belief, then ask yourself, “What are 3 things that are NOT true about this belief?” As soon as you do this, you will notice that belief beginning to fall away.

3. Write Down New Beliefs

Replace your limiting beliefs with new ones that will move you toward your goal! 

Ask: “What do I WANT to believe about this goal? If I believed those things, would it allow me to easily reach it?”

Now, don’t just put it on an electronic notepad. Put pen to paper – it activates a different part of your brain! Then say it out loud. Say it again and again and again every day until it’s deeply ingrained! When you do this, you are training your subconscious mind to take on that new belief!

4. Make a decision

Then, make a decision that NO MATTER WHAT you will move forward with your goal. NOTHING will stop you.

Too many times we struggle to make a decision with certain finality – to draw a line in the sand and confidently step across it. But hear me: Once it’s done and a decision has been made, the universe conspires to make it happen.

5. Take Action

Finally, decide to take two steps – set dates and add them to your calendar.

It becomes REAL when we plan and take action steps. It’s easy to think about goals. But they become reality when we take steps toward their completion!

I heard it said recently that action inspires motivation. It’s true! You’ve made this decision and set a goal. Now, take the steps to make it a reality – and your motivation will grow with you.

So are you ready for your breakthrough? Is something holding you back? Find it, change it – and watch your fourth quarter sales double!

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