3 Ways To Find Freedom In Your Business Right NOW

The United States is an extraordinary place. The principles that we are founded on were revolutionary at the birth of this nation, and we enjoy the fruits of those efforts. Part of the freedoms that we enjoy include the ability to start and run our own businesses as we see fit. This is an incredible opportunity!

Unfortunately though, many entrepreneurs start their businesses with high hopes of achieving freedom for themselves and their families, but they end up creating a job for themselves! 

As much as we started with a passion for our work and our business, too often the business stops becoming a labor of love and instead becomes a job that we hate.

How do we fix this?

Well, let’s define freedom! One definition of freedom is described as: 

The condition of being free of restraints, especially the ability to act without control or interference by another or by circumstance.

So, consider: What aspects of your business are making you feel restrained? Is anything feeling out of control? What is interfering with your ability to function freely?

To start, here are 3 ways you can create more freedom in your business starting right NOW:

  1. Define your ideal schedule.

    When creating your ideal schedule, start by identifying your time off FIRST. This sounds like exactly the opposite of what most people do: They fit their leisure time in AFTER they have created their work schedule. But I much prefer to do it in reverse.

    Why do it this way?

    You create your priorities well in advance. Mentally, you’ve clearly defined for yourself what is most important to you. You see, typically, leisure time includes time with one’s family, time for hobbies, gathering with friends, and taking vacations.

    Too often in our society today, we think (unintentionally) that work should take more of our time. But when it comes down to it, our work is less important and valuable to us than the people we want to spend time investing in. Put those things in FIRST, and everything else will generally fall into place.

    A quick side note: People who have time off regularly tend to be more productive when they ARE working! It’s a win-win!

    Once you’ve added your leisure – or free – time, add in everything else, your work hours being last. I talk about this in detail in Selling with Intention.
  2. Delegate.

    Generally, we know what we DO want to do in your business. Why did you start your business? What do you love about it? What got you going in the first place?

    Are you the face of the company?
    Do you love PR?
    Are you a numbers person?
    Do you love strategy and systems?
    Are you the one that loves to maintain relationships with clients?

    Whatever it is, do that thing. Everything else can be delegated.

    Everything that you do not want to do SHOULD be delegated. Whatever you struggle with, someone else is strong in! When you step aside and let someone else work where they are strong, it gives them a chance to shine!

    Do you want to hire a virtual assistant? Hand over the records and bookkeeping? Hire a marketing firm to handle brand identity? What do you need to delegate to free yourself up?
  3. Create Productive Systems

    Oftentimes, the things that seem to suck all of our time and energy can be streamlined down into very simple systems. In fact, there are loads of resources created specifically for entrepreneurs in order to help make their businesses run more smoothly!

    Could you do strategy calls with your team?
    Introduce new systems for tracking and invoicing?
    Use software that will help you with your client onboarding process?

    Good business systems improve productivity and streamline tasks. This frees you up to have much more time and freedom to do the things you WANT to give your precious time to.

    What is taking your time? Can it be simplified into an easier system?

It’s a great time to celebrate the freedoms that we have available to us! How can you free yourself up to do what you are passionate about? 

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