The First Step In Maximizing Your Strategy

When business owners hear the phrase “Double your sales,” most of them get excited about that possibility – as well they should! Doubling your sales, no matter the size of your business will have a significant impact on your life! So, naturally, everyone wants to do it!

So, let’s dive deeper with the first question: “What are you doubling?”

Or in other words, “Show me the numbers!”

Now, in my experience, this conversation is not met with hesitation because business owners don’t want to share. Usually, it’s because a lot of them simply do not know their numbers!

And this is troublesomebecause you cannot double what you don’t know!

Fear of working the numbers is very common in sales. Why is that? After all, we are working with monetary amounts on a daily basis when we are running a business! And sales is, in a huge way, a numbers game.

So it seems that we would have those figures at the front of our minds! But many business owners don’t.

And if that’s you, that’s okay! Because this is a phenomenally easy thing to change! If you’re reluctant to dive deep and examine the raw numbers you’re working within your sales, take heart!

You see, I’ve found that business owners tend to find it empowering to get a real look at the inner workings of their businesses!

On my podcast, I recently interviewed the incredible Michelle French of SundaySol Events in Southern California. Her business serves local non-profits by helping them to host successful fundraising events. A natural storyteller with a passion for her work, Michelle is an instructor for the Event Leadership Institute and serves on the board of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Orange County. You’ll love to hear her success story – don’t miss this show!

She shares with me her top 3 sales strategies in our conversation, and listed in her top three was the wise advice about knowing your numbers. In fact, Michelle shares that she gets really quite excited when she is working with and examining the numbers in her business! It serves to motivate her in her work!

Michelle’s experience is not uncommon. You will find that working the numbers is highly motivational. It helps provide clarity, solidify goals, make plans, and form your projections to help you double your sales.

So, maybe this is you-you need to take that first step and really examine where your business currently stands. That is great news – because now you know what the first step is to doubling your sales!

Know your numbers, shift your limiting beliefs, and watch your sales double!

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